Friday 29 March 2024

Chain Card Swap - Cheryl


At the beginning of October, I started a fun journey with 11 other Australian demonstrators. We called it a "Chain Card Swap". It is a card version of what is called "Chinese Whispers" in Australia. Each of us designed a card (round 1) and sent it off to one of the other participants. That person CASE-d (Copy And Share Everything) the card and send their version on to the next person. The card made its way around until finally a version came home to the maker. We are going to have a blog hop for each of the card designs to share the fun and amazement at the evolution.
This was my card I made for the swap

This is the card I received back a bit different from my original 

Blog Hop


Genna said...

I was shocked when I saw how much your quite distinctive design changed by the end - probably one of the biggest changes in the whole series! It's fascinating isn't it.

Genna said...

Looking closely at each stage of the chain you can really see how it progressed the way it did. But the start and the end are SOOOO different.

Annette McMillan said...

Great card Cheryl, I agree with Genna about the progression. Amazing transformation.

Kayla said...

It is funny to see how much this card changed from the original. Your original is beautiful and so textured.

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